I'm Kimberley Reid. I'm the Chief People, Culture and Inclusion Officer. I've been with the Future Fund for a bit more than a year and my role is to look after the culture and to see that we've got the right systems and processes in place so that all our people can reach their highest potential. 

It was a big and amazing year and the biggest thing I think that the agency can be really proud of is getting through COVID. There was a lot of effort put into building the community and I think that we emerged stronger and I think people feel like they were part of something bigger. 

I think the other thing that we did well is we've started this conversation about inclusion and diversity and we really want all of the voices to be heard in the agency. That's a strategic as well as an equity reason and I feel good that we've actually made good progress on that so far. D&II is really important to Future Fund's culture and vision but the most important thing for D&I is it's actually our strategy. We need to have the best thinkers thinking the most edgy thoughts. We need to invite the quiet contribution. We need to hear the unlikely voice. And so D&I actually is critical to our strategy. 

The agency's now got this opportunity to scale up thoughtfully and in a disciplined way. This is a new opportunity. We've had very constrained head count for a long time. So we're going to do it in a really considered way. But the most important thing that we're going to do is look inside first. So look for our own people to see what opportunities we can create, what supports we can give them, so that as we grow, our people grow too. 

I think at the highest level, we want everyone to have access to the platform and the tools and the support to reach their highest potential. We feel a shift in openness in a sense that you can bring your whole self to work, that there's a way that there's more play, more hopefully joy in the system and we're actually really hoping that people can have more courage to be brighter and more vivid in how they're turning up at work.

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