Year in Review

The 2021-22 year was a challenging and productive one for the Future Fund. 

Markets remained positive in the first half but turned down in the last six months, and in the final quarter particularly.  Despite this we were well-placed to respond to that environment and to protect the Fund.

We completed a project which deeply assessed the new investment environment and began to adjust the portfolio for a world that has more volatility, conflict, and higher inflation.  

We published a paper titled “A New Investment Order” which highlighted some major paradigm shifts that we believe are shaping the investment environment and how we need to position the portfolio for years to come.

We continued to scale up our resources and implement new business functions and initiatives needed to support and enable the ongoing growth and evolution of the Agency.

We reinvigorated our diversity and inclusion commitments, and, halfway through the year, we were able to return to our offices. In February 2022 we also celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Fund’s establishment.

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